More famous Sports.

There are many sports to choose. Your choice is going to depend on what do you like to do. Some people have desire of real contact with other people. These kind of likes might be related with contact sports, such as boxing, karate, Jiu jitsu, Kung Fu, and mixed martial arts, which consist in different kind of fighting sports. These disciplines need a lot of stamina and strength. Have you ever fight with someone for either angry or just for fun? I want to be honest I have, and it gets me tried really fast by just fighting like a minute. Just imagine fighting two or three rounds or maybe five of two or three minutes each. You have to be in such a physical condition to deal with these kind of sport.

there are sports that are also contact sports, but there are not about fighting. these sports have a purpose in which requires contact to get to the target or objective. Some of these sports are football, rugby and hokey. In these sports there will be contact to protect or take the ball (or disk) to get as much goals as the team can.

There are sports that require little contact, and severe contact will be penalized. these sports are Basketball and Soccer. On these sports, it is more about the possession of a ball to be always in the offensive. There will be contact, but nothing like fighting or someone trying to tackle you.

Finally, there are some sports that do not require contact at all like tennis and golf. The challenge will be more focus on the mental game and the really hard technique these two sports require.

So what kind of sports do you like? You can pick from Fighting sports to not contact at all?

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