Reviewing Restaurants

Today I will love to talk about two restaurants getting famous in South Florida. I am going to let you know about two latin restaurants that you will love if you have not try them before.

Bocas House.

Bocas house is a Venezuelan and Peruvian restaurant located in Doral, Florida. There you can eat amazing Latin American food. In Bocas you do not just eat Venezuelan and Peruvian food. You can also try food from all over the South America. An interesting fact is that this place got famous in between the people by its social network. In other words, they got famous by Facebook and Instagram. Their food is really good but something I really have to talk about is their desserts. They do not sell cakes or ice cream. they only do milkshakes, but i can assure you that every milkshake has at least 800 to 1000 calories and a lot of sugar. I LOVE THEM. A lot of Latin American famous singers come to this place to try this amazing food and this famous desserts. Here I will let you a picture, so you can appreciate a few of their desserts.



Entretapas is a Spanish restaurant located in Weston, Florida. The translation of the name might be something like in between tapas, which tapas means small Spanish savory dishes, which are mostly served with drinks. Enretapas sells the best seafood ever. If you like seafood, you HAVE to come to this place. I have to tell that it is expensive, but worth it. This place have been rated as the number one in the city. Imagine how good this restaurant has to be for that prestigious rate. I post a picture below so you can see what kind of food they have to offer and get hungry by just looking at the pictures.


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