The Best Employee

Read. Be On Time. Think.

I have been working since I have 15 years old. In all of my jobs I am always of the best workers. I recommend you to read this post if you want to succeed in your work place and maybe get a rise in your salary. Looking professional is important. You have to seem as a professional to succeed in whatever you want to do. An example could be how you dress for your work. For instance, if you are a tennis coach (like me) you have to wear tennis clothes and shoes. The first impression is really important for your clients. If you dress like a soccer or basketball player, your clients will not trust you.

What professionals should DO.

They should dress well according to their job. If you are a tennis coach as I said above, you have to wear tennis clothes. If you are a business person, you should look as formal as possible to rise confidence in your clients and coworkers.

Speaking with appropriate terms according to the job you are working at.

If you want to be the best, you should try to take the work from your superior. If she/he is making calls try to make those calls for him/her. This will prove that you can do more of what everybody is expecting from you. A professional will always try to do more.

Giving ideas to improve a business it’s always appreciated. If you know something about business, you should know that feedback is one of the most important things to improve. It is important to know what the customers think about the product or service, and it is also important to know what the staff have to say.

What professionals should NOT DO.

PROFESSIONALS DO NOT USE THEIR PHONE DURING WORK. You might use it only if it is an emergency. The last picture you friend send you it is NOT an emergency.

Fighting with your superiors about something you think is right is not the way to do it. suggestions is the way to change things or rules covered by proves and examples about why your idea is better than others.

I have been following these for a bunch of years, and i have been successful. I recomend you to try. If you have any other suggestion what you should DO or NOT, please let me know by commenting below.

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