End of my Blog

I do not understand why you will not keep posting.

Dear readers,

I have to apologize but I will not be able to keep writing my amazing post anymore. I know some readers will want to stop living because of this, but remember that always there will be someone better than me writing. I do not believe this, but I have to force you to do it. I know I had thousand of viewers, and they will be sad about my path, but they have to understand that the only way to survive to this world is through happiness. To be honest, this was not my idea in the beginning to create a blog and start typing. it was my Composition English instructor the one that told us to do it so our writing skills would improve a lot, so that is what I did. Since it is the end of the semester, the class is almost over and this is the last blog post I have to do for that class.

I found that writing blog posts is like a kind of therapy for oneself. If you are angry let everyone knows why and what make you angry. You can ask for solutions if you are stuck.

I learn a lot why your lovely comments through my blogs. I know that here people can be honest because this is completely anonymous if you want it to be that way. If you want to begin writing your own post i recommend you to do it. If you have no idea what to write about, you are not the only one. My advice is type whatever comes to your mind WHATEVER…. and then you fixed to make it look prettier.

I might continue writing posts. I will try to do it whenever I find a free time in my agenda.


The Best Blog Post Writer in the History of HUMANKIND.



Living by Yourselves

regular first time student living by himself or herself experience.

Have you ever think if you should move from your parents’ house? Why would you do such a thing like that? Here I will talk a little bit about my own experience about living by myself. I started living myself when I turned into 20 years old. This change for Americans it is common, but for latin people its rare. it is too early. In my culture, most of the times, people stay in its parents’ place until graduate from College or maybe a little bit more.

What I Like.

I love having my own rules. I can literally do whatever I want to. I can listen to music really loud and no one says anything. I have the freedom every teen and kid has ever looking for. I can go out and stay until late. As an example, two weeks ago I went out and came back to my place at 4 am. One more thing I like is the fact that is my house and I can do parties every time I feel like it.

What i Dislike.

There are a bunch good stuff when you start living by yourselves, but there are also some thing that you will not like to do too much. One thing is CLEANING. If you are a rational and a regular person, you will hate to clean your place. The worst is that you HAVE TO clean it unless you want to life around disgusting bugs and flies. I mention before how good was doing parties at my place, but I did not mention how bad is to clean afterwards. Cleaning is something I can do, but laundry I think is the house labor I hate the most. I am not saying that is hard or have some kind difficulty. what i mean is that doing laundry you have to pay attention to when the washer is done so you change your clothes to the dryer, and then fold it. you have to fold your clothes right after the dryer is done or your clothes will be wrinkled.

Reviewing Restaurants

Today I will love to talk about two restaurants getting famous in South Florida. I am going to let you know about two latin restaurants that you will love if you have not try them before.

Bocas House.

Bocas house is a Venezuelan and Peruvian restaurant located in Doral, Florida. There you can eat amazing Latin American food. In Bocas you do not just eat Venezuelan and Peruvian food. You can also try food from all over the South America. An interesting fact is that this place got famous in between the people by its social network. In other words, they got famous by Facebook and Instagram. Their food is really good but something I really have to talk about is their desserts. They do not sell cakes or ice cream. they only do milkshakes, but i can assure you that every milkshake has at least 800 to 1000 calories and a lot of sugar. I LOVE THEM. A lot of Latin American famous singers come to this place to try this amazing food and this famous desserts. Here I will let you a picture, so you can appreciate a few of their desserts.



Entretapas is a Spanish restaurant located in Weston, Florida. The translation of the name might be something like in between tapas, which tapas means small Spanish savory dishes, which are mostly served with drinks. Enretapas sells the best seafood ever. If you like seafood, you HAVE to come to this place. I have to tell that it is expensive, but worth it. This place have been rated as the number one in the city. Imagine how good this restaurant has to be for that prestigious rate. I post a picture below so you can see what kind of food they have to offer and get hungry by just looking at the pictures.


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Comparing Cultures


Today, I am going to be comparing cultures. I am going to compare latin culture against American culture related with young people. First, I am going to explain what kind of food they both are use to eat. And then how this two different cultures enjoy partying.


Latin young peers in general eat organic food. Latin peers enjoy of going to restaurants and eat a big variety of vegetables and any kind of meet. Because of this, Latin peers are used to cook balanced dishes, and they include a huge variety of colors in their dishes as well. When I talk about colors, I am referring to vegetables and sometimes even fruits.

American young peers eat mostly junk food. I have to admit that not everyone eats like this, but it is true that a majority of Americans eat like this. Their main dishes are burgers, french fries, Mac & Cheese, and Ramen Soups. In relation to this issue, Americans do not know how to cook when they go to live for the first time for themselves. they tend to eat the same quick and unhealthy things for fear to cook other things.

I will repeat what i just said. NOT EVERY LATIN AND AMERICANS ARE EXACTLY AS I SAID. There are some Latin people that eats unhealthy, and some Americans that eat very healthy.


Latin peers enjoy dancing. Dancing is what makes from being a good night to be a extraordinary night. Latin peers like big variety of music like merengue, salsa, techno house, and a lot more. Every one of these kind is a different style of dancing.

American people also like dancing. It is a little different for Latin peers, but they also like it. Americans enjoy dancing coordinated dance, such as Watch Me (whip/nae nae) by Silento, The Cupid Shuffle by Cupid. Americans also enjoy listening to rap music and dance it, which in my personal opinion it does not have to much rhythm for dancing.

Dancing is a way to express your emotion through the music so actually anyone can do whatever they feel like it with the song playing.

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