Having fun.

Finals are getting closer and closer. There are two weeks from now.  This is the time where students become zombies. Basically, we have to study what we learn in four months, but this time we have to do it in a week or less. Must of the students are taking full-time which means that are taking 12 credits per semester. In United States, twelve credits is considered full time student. Sometimes this means that students are taking four classes, which each class has 3 credit (this is not always true. Some classes might have more or less than 3 credits). This means that students have to study for 3 or four different classes all from the beginning. It sucks. In my case, I already forgot what I learned in the first two months, so I have to start all over. This is why students become zombies.

This is the time where Red Bull, Starbucks, and Monster sell the most amount of products. Students want to keep themselves awake so they buy energy drinks with a lot of sugar and caffeine to keep them awake. Some people do not eat for the stress from finals.

Thank you for existing.

You know a God exist when you have some classes that does not have final. Some of those classes have a final but instead of be the whole term material it is just the final units as a regular test. There are some other classes that they have essays for finals. Writing for me it is so easy, so I love this kind of assignments for finals. There are other classes that they have discussions or taking home test. These kind of assignments are easy A’s most of the times. Finally there are some classes that do NOT have finals. Those are the best.

My advice to all students that are going through finals is to sleep well before finals and to eat well that day.

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Living by Yourselves

regular first time student living by himself or herself experience.

Have you ever think if you should move from your parents’ house? Why would you do such a thing like that? Here I will talk a little bit about my own experience about living by myself. I started living myself when I turned into 20 years old. This change for Americans it is common, but for latin people its rare. it is too early. In my culture, most of the times, people stay in its parents’ place until graduate from College or maybe a little bit more.

What I Like.

I love having my own rules. I can literally do whatever I want to. I can listen to music really loud and no one says anything. I have the freedom every teen and kid has ever looking for. I can go out and stay until late. As an example, two weeks ago I went out and came back to my place at 4 am. One more thing I like is the fact that is my house and I can do parties every time I feel like it.

What i Dislike.

There are a bunch good stuff when you start living by yourselves, but there are also some thing that you will not like to do too much. One thing is CLEANING. If you are a rational and a regular person, you will hate to clean your place. The worst is that you HAVE TO clean it unless you want to life around disgusting bugs and flies. I mention before how good was doing parties at my place, but I did not mention how bad is to clean afterwards. Cleaning is something I can do, but laundry I think is the house labor I hate the most. I am not saying that is hard or have some kind difficulty. what i mean is that doing laundry you have to pay attention to when the washer is done so you change your clothes to the dryer, and then fold it. you have to fold your clothes right after the dryer is done or your clothes will be wrinkled.