Having fun.

Finals are getting closer and closer. There are two weeks from now.  This is the time where students become zombies. Basically, we have to study what we learn in four months, but this time we have to do it in a week or less. Must of the students are taking full-time which means that are taking 12 credits per semester. In United States, twelve credits is considered full time student. Sometimes this means that students are taking four classes, which each class has 3 credit (this is not always true. Some classes might have more or less than 3 credits). This means that students have to study for 3 or four different classes all from the beginning. It sucks. In my case, I already forgot what I learned in the first two months, so I have to start all over. This is why students become zombies.

This is the time where Red Bull, Starbucks, and Monster sell the most amount of products. Students want to keep themselves awake so they buy energy drinks with a lot of sugar and caffeine to keep them awake. Some people do not eat for the stress from finals.

Thank you for existing.

You know a God exist when you have some classes that does not have final. Some of those classes have a final but instead of be the whole term material it is just the final units as a regular test. There are some other classes that they have essays for finals. Writing for me it is so easy, so I love this kind of assignments for finals. There are other classes that they have discussions or taking home test. These kind of assignments are easy A’s most of the times. Finally there are some classes that do NOT have finals. Those are the best.

My advice to all students that are going through finals is to sleep well before finals and to eat well that day.

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Adopting Pets


My roommate recently found a dog in the street. He was playing ultimate Frisbee at his college and a dog was around running all over the field. He got the puppy to our place. this happened like two weeks ago. He is taking care of her (the dog) right now. He is trying to find her original home. He posted on Facebook websites about the dog, and he also put some posters around but no one has called yet. As I said before he is tanking care of her. but let me be realistic he cannot take care of himself he is not going to able to take care of the dog. He knows that if we do not find the owner of the dog, we will have to give her in adoption. If someone cannot take care of another human life the best decision is to give them in adoption.

The facility will take care of the dogs including any kind of shot that a animal needs until they find a new home for the pet. This association rise a lot of money, so they can survive in the business and make happy a bunch of dogs and families.

Adopting a dog is not hard, but remember that you have to be ready to do it. How do you know if you are ready or not? First, you have to make sure that have a good income where you can support yourselves and also a extra member of the family. This extra member will be the dog. You will need money to buy him food constantly and any medical supplements like shots, which are not cheap. The most important thing you need to have is time. You need to spend time with the dog. During this time it is not going to be just to play with the dog at your place, but also to take for walks around 2 to 3 times per day.

If you want to adopt a dog, you have to make sure that you or someone else will have time and money to take care of the pet.

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Reviewing Restaurants

Today I will love to talk about two restaurants getting famous in South Florida. I am going to let you know about two latin restaurants that you will love if you have not try them before.

Bocas House.

Bocas house is a Venezuelan and Peruvian restaurant located in Doral, Florida. There you can eat amazing Latin American food. In Bocas you do not just eat Venezuelan and Peruvian food. You can also try food from all over the South America. An interesting fact is that this place got famous in between the people by its social network. In other words, they got famous by Facebook and Instagram. Their food is really good but something I really have to talk about is their desserts. They do not sell cakes or ice cream. they only do milkshakes, but i can assure you that every milkshake has at least 800 to 1000 calories and a lot of sugar. I LOVE THEM. A lot of Latin American famous singers come to this place to try this amazing food and this famous desserts. Here I will let you a picture, so you can appreciate a few of their desserts.



Entretapas is a Spanish restaurant located in Weston, Florida. The translation of the name might be something like in between tapas, which tapas means small Spanish savory dishes, which are mostly served with drinks. Enretapas sells the best seafood ever. If you like seafood, you HAVE to come to this place. I have to tell that it is expensive, but worth it. This place have been rated as the number one in the city. Imagine how good this restaurant has to be for that prestigious rate. I post a picture below so you can see what kind of food they have to offer and get hungry by just looking at the pictures.


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