End of my Blog

I do not understand why you will not keep posting.

Dear readers,

I have to apologize but I will not be able to keep writing my amazing post anymore. I know some readers will want to stop living because of this, but remember that always there will be someone better than me writing. I do not believe this, but I have to force you to do it. I know I had thousand of viewers, and they will be sad about my path, but they have to understand that the only way to survive to this world is through happiness. To be honest, this was not my idea in the beginning to create a blog and start typing. it was my Composition English instructor the one that told us to do it so our writing skills would improve a lot, so that is what I did. Since it is the end of the semester, the class is almost over and this is the last blog post I have to do for that class.

I found that writing blog posts is like a kind of therapy for oneself. If you are angry let everyone knows why and what make you angry. You can ask for solutions if you are stuck.

I learn a lot why your lovely comments through my blogs. I know that here people can be honest because this is completely anonymous if you want it to be that way. If you want to begin writing your own post i recommend you to do it. If you have no idea what to write about, you are not the only one. My advice is type whatever comes to your mind WHATEVER…. and then you fixed to make it look prettier.

I might continue writing posts. I will try to do it whenever I find a free time in my agenda.


The Best Blog Post Writer in the History of HUMANKIND.



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