Comparing Cultures


Today, I am going to be comparing cultures. I am going to compare latin culture against American culture related with young people. First, I am going to explain what kind of food they both are use to eat. And then how this two different cultures enjoy partying.


Latin young peers in general eat organic food. Latin peers enjoy of going to restaurants and eat a big variety of vegetables and any kind of meet. Because of this, Latin peers are used to cook balanced dishes, and they include a huge variety of colors in their dishes as well. When I talk about colors, I am referring to vegetables and sometimes even fruits.

American young peers eat mostly junk food. I have to admit that not everyone eats like this, but it is true that a majority of Americans eat like this. Their main dishes are burgers, french fries, Mac & Cheese, and Ramen Soups. In relation to this issue, Americans do not know how to cook when they go to live for the first time for themselves. they tend to eat the same quick and unhealthy things for fear to cook other things.

I will repeat what i just said. NOT EVERY LATIN AND AMERICANS ARE EXACTLY AS I SAID. There are some Latin people that eats unhealthy, and some Americans that eat very healthy.


Latin peers enjoy dancing. Dancing is what makes from being a good night to be a extraordinary night. Latin peers like big variety of music like merengue, salsa, techno house, and a lot more. Every one of these kind is a different style of dancing.

American people also like dancing. It is a little different for Latin peers, but they also like it. Americans enjoy dancing coordinated dance, such as Watch Me (whip/nae nae) by Silento, The Cupid Shuffle by Cupid. Americans also enjoy listening to rap music and dance it, which in my personal opinion it does not have to much rhythm for dancing.

Dancing is a way to express your emotion through the music so actually anyone can do whatever they feel like it with the song playing.

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