Introducing Myself


I am Luis. I am from Venezuela, and I speak Spanish. Once I learn how to speak English fluidly, I  will try to learn Portuguese and French. I am a tennis player, which I have playing it since I have 3 years old. I also like to play any kind of sport. I am a tennis and soccer coach as well. I live a healthy live. I train CrossFit everyday, and eat healthy as much as I can.I have an addiction for drinking tea. I drink tea from Teavana almost everyday. I have never smoked anything. I hate getting into a swimming pool. I love spending time with kids. I have been working for six years in a row working in summer camps. I would rather spend my time outside either playing sports or hanging around than inside playing video games or watching TV. I do not enjoy watching TV, but I do it whenever I want to take a nap. I like any kind of music from latin music to techno house. I love to watch horror movies, such as The Conjuring released in 2013 and The Exorcist released in 1973. 

I have traveled around the world because I played international tennis tournaments. I know at least one city in every country in South America. For some reason I do not quite understand why I have to wake up early everyday. It does not matter how late I go to bed, I have to wake up before eight in the morning. I do not drink alcohol too often. i might drink a beer per month. Sometimes I do not drink in like three months, and i do not even realized. I love a warm weather instead of a cold weather. I like feeling the sun in my skin, and maybe this is a reason why I prefer to spend my free time outside.

I am obsessed with cleanliness. I hate cockroaches. I clean my house every two days to make sure everything is clean, and I will not have any problem with that. I apply products in my house every week to prevent any kind of bug around.



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