End of my Blog

I do not understand why you will not keep posting.

Dear readers,

I have to apologize but I will not be able to keep writing my amazing post anymore. I know some readers will want to stop living because of this, but remember that always there will be someone better than me writing. I do not believe this, but I have to force you to do it. I know I had thousand of viewers, and they will be sad about my path, but they have to understand that the only way to survive to this world is through happiness. To be honest, this was not my idea in the beginning to create a blog and start typing. it was my Composition English instructor the one that told us to do it so our writing skills would improve a lot, so that is what I did. Since it is the end of the semester, the class is almost over and this is the last blog post I have to do for that class.

I found that writing blog posts is like a kind of therapy for oneself. If you are angry let everyone knows why and what make you angry. You can ask for solutions if you are stuck.

I learn a lot why your lovely comments through my blogs. I know that here people can be honest because this is completely anonymous if you want it to be that way. If you want to begin writing your own post i recommend you to do it. If you have no idea what to write about, you are not the only one. My advice is type whatever comes to your mind WHATEVER…. and then you fixed to make it look prettier.

I might continue writing posts. I will try to do it whenever I find a free time in my agenda.


The Best Blog Post Writer in the History of HUMANKIND.



Having fun.

Finals are getting closer and closer. There are two weeks from now.  This is the time where students become zombies. Basically, we have to study what we learn in four months, but this time we have to do it in a week or less. Must of the students are taking full-time which means that are taking 12 credits per semester. In United States, twelve credits is considered full time student. Sometimes this means that students are taking four classes, which each class has 3 credit (this is not always true. Some classes might have more or less than 3 credits). This means that students have to study for 3 or four different classes all from the beginning. It sucks. In my case, I already forgot what I learned in the first two months, so I have to start all over. This is why students become zombies.

This is the time where Red Bull, Starbucks, and Monster sell the most amount of products. Students want to keep themselves awake so they buy energy drinks with a lot of sugar and caffeine to keep them awake. Some people do not eat for the stress from finals.

Thank you for existing.

You know a God exist when you have some classes that does not have final. Some of those classes have a final but instead of be the whole term material it is just the final units as a regular test. There are some other classes that they have essays for finals. Writing for me it is so easy, so I love this kind of assignments for finals. There are other classes that they have discussions or taking home test. These kind of assignments are easy A’s most of the times. Finally there are some classes that do NOT have finals. Those are the best.

My advice to all students that are going through finals is to sleep well before finals and to eat well that day.

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Adopting Pets


My roommate recently found a dog in the street. He was playing ultimate Frisbee at his college and a dog was around running all over the field. He got the puppy to our place. this happened like two weeks ago. He is taking care of her (the dog) right now. He is trying to find her original home. He posted on Facebook websites about the dog, and he also put some posters around but no one has called yet. As I said before he is tanking care of her. but let me be realistic he cannot take care of himself he is not going to able to take care of the dog. He knows that if we do not find the owner of the dog, we will have to give her in adoption. If someone cannot take care of another human life the best decision is to give them in adoption.

The facility will take care of the dogs including any kind of shot that a animal needs until they find a new home for the pet. This association rise a lot of money, so they can survive in the business and make happy a bunch of dogs and families.

Adopting a dog is not hard, but remember that you have to be ready to do it. How do you know if you are ready or not? First, you have to make sure that have a good income where you can support yourselves and also a extra member of the family. This extra member will be the dog. You will need money to buy him food constantly and any medical supplements like shots, which are not cheap. The most important thing you need to have is time. You need to spend time with the dog. During this time it is not going to be just to play with the dog at your place, but also to take for walks around 2 to 3 times per day.

If you want to adopt a dog, you have to make sure that you or someone else will have time and money to take care of the pet.

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The Best Employee

Read. Be On Time. Think.

I have been working since I have 15 years old. In all of my jobs I am always of the best workers. I recommend you to read this post if you want to succeed in your work place and maybe get a rise in your salary. Looking professional is important. You have to seem as a professional to succeed in whatever you want to do. An example could be how you dress for your work. For instance, if you are a tennis coach (like me) you have to wear tennis clothes and shoes. The first impression is really important for your clients. If you dress like a soccer or basketball player, your clients will not trust you.

What professionals should DO.

They should dress well according to their job. If you are a tennis coach as I said above, you have to wear tennis clothes. If you are a business person, you should look as formal as possible to rise confidence in your clients and coworkers.

Speaking with appropriate terms according to the job you are working at.

If you want to be the best, you should try to take the work from your superior. If she/he is making calls try to make those calls for him/her. This will prove that you can do more of what everybody is expecting from you. A professional will always try to do more.

Giving ideas to improve a business it’s always appreciated. If you know something about business, you should know that feedback is one of the most important things to improve. It is important to know what the customers think about the product or service, and it is also important to know what the staff have to say.

What professionals should NOT DO.

PROFESSIONALS DO NOT USE THEIR PHONE DURING WORK. You might use it only if it is an emergency. The last picture you friend send you it is NOT an emergency.

Fighting with your superiors about something you think is right is not the way to do it. suggestions is the way to change things or rules covered by proves and examples about why your idea is better than others.

I have been following these for a bunch of years, and i have been successful. I recomend you to try. If you have any other suggestion what you should DO or NOT, please let me know by commenting below.

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More famous Sports.

There are many sports to choose. Your choice is going to depend on what do you like to do. Some people have desire of real contact with other people. These kind of likes might be related with contact sports, such as boxing, karate, Jiu jitsu, Kung Fu, and mixed martial arts, which consist in different kind of fighting sports. These disciplines need a lot of stamina and strength. Have you ever fight with someone for either angry or just for fun? I want to be honest I have, and it gets me tried really fast by just fighting like a minute. Just imagine fighting two or three rounds or maybe five of two or three minutes each. You have to be in such a physical condition to deal with these kind of sport.

there are sports that are also contact sports, but there are not about fighting. these sports have a purpose in which requires contact to get to the target or objective. Some of these sports are football, rugby and hokey. In these sports there will be contact to protect or take the ball (or disk) to get as much goals as the team can.

There are sports that require little contact, and severe contact will be penalized. these sports are Basketball and Soccer. On these sports, it is more about the possession of a ball to be always in the offensive. There will be contact, but nothing like fighting or someone trying to tackle you.

Finally, there are some sports that do not require contact at all like tennis and golf. The challenge will be more focus on the mental game and the really hard technique these two sports require.

So what kind of sports do you like? You can pick from Fighting sports to not contact at all?

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Living by Yourselves

regular first time student living by himself or herself experience.

Have you ever think if you should move from your parents’ house? Why would you do such a thing like that? Here I will talk a little bit about my own experience about living by myself. I started living myself when I turned into 20 years old. This change for Americans it is common, but for latin people its rare. it is too early. In my culture, most of the times, people stay in its parents’ place until graduate from College or maybe a little bit more.

What I Like.

I love having my own rules. I can literally do whatever I want to. I can listen to music really loud and no one says anything. I have the freedom every teen and kid has ever looking for. I can go out and stay until late. As an example, two weeks ago I went out and came back to my place at 4 am. One more thing I like is the fact that is my house and I can do parties every time I feel like it.

What i Dislike.

There are a bunch good stuff when you start living by yourselves, but there are also some thing that you will not like to do too much. One thing is CLEANING. If you are a rational and a regular person, you will hate to clean your place. The worst is that you HAVE TO clean it unless you want to life around disgusting bugs and flies. I mention before how good was doing parties at my place, but I did not mention how bad is to clean afterwards. Cleaning is something I can do, but laundry I think is the house labor I hate the most. I am not saying that is hard or have some kind difficulty. what i mean is that doing laundry you have to pay attention to when the washer is done so you change your clothes to the dryer, and then fold it. you have to fold your clothes right after the dryer is done or your clothes will be wrinkled.

Reviewing Restaurants

Today I will love to talk about two restaurants getting famous in South Florida. I am going to let you know about two latin restaurants that you will love if you have not try them before.

Bocas House.

Bocas house is a Venezuelan and Peruvian restaurant located in Doral, Florida. There you can eat amazing Latin American food. In Bocas you do not just eat Venezuelan and Peruvian food. You can also try food from all over the South America. An interesting fact is that this place got famous in between the people by its social network. In other words, they got famous by Facebook and Instagram. Their food is really good but something I really have to talk about is their desserts. They do not sell cakes or ice cream. they only do milkshakes, but i can assure you that every milkshake has at least 800 to 1000 calories and a lot of sugar. I LOVE THEM. A lot of Latin American famous singers come to this place to try this amazing food and this famous desserts. Here I will let you a picture, so you can appreciate a few of their desserts.



Entretapas is a Spanish restaurant located in Weston, Florida. The translation of the name might be something like in between tapas, which tapas means small Spanish savory dishes, which are mostly served with drinks. Enretapas sells the best seafood ever. If you like seafood, you HAVE to come to this place. I have to tell that it is expensive, but worth it. This place have been rated as the number one in the city. Imagine how good this restaurant has to be for that prestigious rate. I post a picture below so you can see what kind of food they have to offer and get hungry by just looking at the pictures.


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Comparing Cultures


Today, I am going to be comparing cultures. I am going to compare latin culture against American culture related with young people. First, I am going to explain what kind of food they both are use to eat. And then how this two different cultures enjoy partying.


Latin young peers in general eat organic food. Latin peers enjoy of going to restaurants and eat a big variety of vegetables and any kind of meet. Because of this, Latin peers are used to cook balanced dishes, and they include a huge variety of colors in their dishes as well. When I talk about colors, I am referring to vegetables and sometimes even fruits.

American young peers eat mostly junk food. I have to admit that not everyone eats like this, but it is true that a majority of Americans eat like this. Their main dishes are burgers, french fries, Mac & Cheese, and Ramen Soups. In relation to this issue, Americans do not know how to cook when they go to live for the first time for themselves. they tend to eat the same quick and unhealthy things for fear to cook other things.

I will repeat what i just said. NOT EVERY LATIN AND AMERICANS ARE EXACTLY AS I SAID. There are some Latin people that eats unhealthy, and some Americans that eat very healthy.


Latin peers enjoy dancing. Dancing is what makes from being a good night to be a extraordinary night. Latin peers like big variety of music like merengue, salsa, techno house, and a lot more. Every one of these kind is a different style of dancing.

American people also like dancing. It is a little different for Latin peers, but they also like it. Americans enjoy dancing coordinated dance, such as Watch Me (whip/nae nae) by Silento, The Cupid Shuffle by Cupid. Americans also enjoy listening to rap music and dance it, which in my personal opinion it does not have to much rhythm for dancing.

Dancing is a way to express your emotion through the music so actually anyone can do whatever they feel like it with the song playing.

If you like my post let me know giving me likes. And if you have agree or disagree with also let me know in the comments area.

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The Walking Dead


I picked The Walking Dead because I love this kind of TV shows where you do not know what is going to happen next. This is a TV show transmitted by AMC and directed by Frank Darabont, released in 2010. It have not finished yet.

Basic Plot: this is a TV show that shows how people lives in a zombie apocalypse. Watching this TV show you experience that human do not have to survive just from zombies, but they also need to be careful with their same specie, humans. People is going to do whatever they can to survive. it does not matter if that requires to kill someone else.

What I like about it.

  • I am really engaged with this drama. After seven seasons I cannot predict what is going to happen next. This simple fact make it exciting.
  • I love the cast. I feel like i already know them.
  • My favorite character is Rick Grimes. He is the leader of the group. He has passed through a lot of emotional phases and I think he is getting crazier and crazier.
  • I also like that there is not a economic status. Everybody is trying to survive in a dead world.

What I do not like.

  • I do not like how the director kills people. I know is part of the drama of the TV show, but I just hate when I starting to like someone, and suddenly he/she gets killed.
  • I do not like that the principal characters cannot be safe or relaxed for more than two episodes.

In conclusion, this is a TV show where people is going to do everything to survive in a world around of zombies and hostile people trying to survive as well. This fact creates drama and suspense which make this TV show more and more exciting every time.


Introducing Myself


I am Luis. I am from Venezuela, and I speak Spanish. Once I learn how to speak English fluidly, I  will try to learn Portuguese and French. I am a tennis player, which I have playing it since I have 3 years old. I also like to play any kind of sport. I am a tennis and soccer coach as well. I live a healthy live. I train CrossFit everyday, and eat healthy as much as I can.I have an addiction for drinking tea. I drink tea from Teavana almost everyday. I have never smoked anything. I hate getting into a swimming pool. I love spending time with kids. I have been working for six years in a row working in summer camps. I would rather spend my time outside either playing sports or hanging around than inside playing video games or watching TV. I do not enjoy watching TV, but I do it whenever I want to take a nap. I like any kind of music from latin music to techno house. I love to watch horror movies, such as The Conjuring released in 2013 and The Exorcist released in 1973. 

I have traveled around the world because I played international tennis tournaments. I know at least one city in every country in South America. For some reason I do not quite understand why I have to wake up early everyday. It does not matter how late I go to bed, I have to wake up before eight in the morning. I do not drink alcohol too often. i might drink a beer per month. Sometimes I do not drink in like three months, and i do not even realized. I love a warm weather instead of a cold weather. I like feeling the sun in my skin, and maybe this is a reason why I prefer to spend my free time outside.

I am obsessed with cleanliness. I hate cockroaches. I clean my house every two days to make sure everything is clean, and I will not have any problem with that. I apply products in my house every week to prevent any kind of bug around.